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The Youth Observatory invites students from PUCPR to participate of the university clubs. Come and meet people with the same interests as you and exchange experiences about various topics.

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This Club´s objective is to analyze movies (short-films, animations, clips, advertising films, etc.), promote discussions, produce content and materials, make workshops and lectures about it.

 Responsible: Ryan Cunha Lopes | E-mail:

Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm, in the room D14 – downstairs – Blue Block.

Cinema and Bioethics

This Club´s objective is to analyze movies (short-films, animations, clips, advertising films, etc. ) and promote discussions in the bioethics field.

Responsible: Ricardo Cini | E-mail:

Access the programming here.


This Club´s objective is to gather people who likes to draw and want to improve their skills. The idea is to learn together, exchange experiences, share knowledgement and references.

Responsible: Rafael Dornella Guilherme | E-mail:

Tuesdays, 6pm to 8pm, in the  room 18  –  1th floor, Blue Block.

History, discussions and debates

This Club´s objective is to talk, debate and reflect about subjects related to current events, making historical connections, traveling throughout time and history developing creativity,  work and  thinking of the participants.

Responsible: Juliany dos Santos | E-mail:

Tuesdays 1pm to 4pm, in the room B7 – 2th floor – Yellow Block.



This Club´s objective is to teach basic techniques for those who wish to enter the world of juggling. This club is also a place dedicated to those who already have the knowledgement of this practice in order to exchange experiences and learn new movements.

Responsible: Erich Linzmeyer  | E-mail:

Friday at the Gym – 2pm


This Club´s objective is to bring together the academic community to strength up the importance of reading, to promote thematic discussions, to improve the critical sense and to provide different experiences and the exchange of knowledgement between the participants.


Responsibles: Sandra Helena Schiavon and Janaína Filetti | E-mails: and


Responsibles: Nádia Ficht, Evandro Mazer e Ana Carolina Rodrigues | E-mail:;;


Responsible: Mariana Louzano | E-mail:


Responsible: Kely Comin | E-mail:

Place and time still will be defined.

Oratory and Leadership

This Club´s objective is to improve oratory and leadership skills. After all, communicating well makes all the difference.

Responsible: Luiz Felipe Gamarra | E-mail:

Soon more informations.


This Club´s objective is to gather students from different courses and periods with interest in neuroscience for the exchange of information about this subject.

Responsible: José Luiz Dias | E-mail:

Thursdays 5pm to 8:30pm, room 28 – Green Block.

RPG (roleplaying game)

The RPG Club aims the practice of this hobby and integrate the academics, seeking the development of each participant through the RPG.

Responsible: Juliano Venceslau | E-mail:

Fridays 1:30pm to 6pm, room 28 – Green Block.


This Club´s objective is to form a permanent rugby team to train and afterwards participate in regional and national Championships.

Responsible: Andre Perroud e Diego Gauna|

E-mails: e

Place and time still will be defined.


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